Why Traditional Marketing Doesn’t Work On Social Media Platforms

Digital Marketing is the aspect of promotion that uses web and internet-based technologies like desktop computers, cell phones, and various other electronic media and platforms for advertising products and services to consumers. It is also known as e-marketing and internet marketing. It forms the foundation of online advertising and it is usually a combination of diverse strategies. These include search engine optimization (SEO), paid Search Engine Optimization (SEO), social media promotion, digital display advertising, online promotions, and viral marketing. Digital Marketing covers a lot of areas like website creation and management, email marketing, pay per click (PPC) management, content management, point of sale promotions, banner ads, and many others.


Digital channels

In recent times, the biggest asset in the new digital marketing arena has been the development of digital channels. Digital channels refer to a set of websites, software, and formats that can be used to deliver messages to potential customers and clients. These can include email campaigns, instant message services, video marketing, news release, instant messaging services, podcasting, and live events. These platforms help digital marketers broadcast targeted messages to their target audiences. Apart from that, these platforms make these messages reach out to multiple outlets simultaneously and help marketers to save a considerable amount on advertising costs.


Hiring digital marketing agencies

To spread the word about their business and brand name, most companies nowadays have started hiring digital marketing agencies. These agencies have the expertise and skills in the form of a creative team that includes advertisers, creatives, marketers, and administrators who can work together to develop and improve the overall quality and relevance of the company’s online campaigns. They take care of the entire procedure starting from planning, creativity, research, testing, creation, distribution, online promotions, and maintenance. The creatives are those professionals who provide the idea, vision, and inspiration for the advertising campaign. The marketers are those who will implement the ideas suggested by the creatives. On the other hand, the administrators are those who look after the operations and day-to-day management of the project.


Provides technical and infrastructure support

This kind of service makes the job of Digital Marketing managers easy since it allows them to focus on the core activities such as collecting customer contact details, crafting an appropriate marketing message, building customer loyalty, and motivating consumers to buy. Digital marketing campaigns require a lot of time to execute since various things need to be done and reviewed continuously. However, with the help of a digital marketing company, these tasks can be delegated to the experts in charge and work can be focused on each task accordingly.



Do not make the user feel pressured to click on the ads

Apart from this, digital marketing also involves a set of basic rules that have to be followed all the time to ensure that the campaign is a success. The basic rule is not to overwhelm the audience. Instead, they should be given only enough information to hold their attention. The content of the campaign should be interesting and appealing to entice consumers to take action. Social media ads must be designed in such a manner that they do not make the user feel pressured to click on the ads.


The messages and ads

Another important rule of using digital marketing services is that the messages and ads have to be promoting effectively using traditional marketing platforms. Unlike in traditional marketing methods, where you might send texts, coupons, or fliers to a large chunk of people, on social media platforms you have to make your messages more personal by writing them on your own walls, sharing them with friends, or sending them to your email inbox. For instance, instead of writing your coupons for your grocery store on a post-it note, use the same message but inset with a picture of your favorite coffee shop. This will make the consumer take some time to read the small message. This will not only encourage them to click the grocery store ad but also encourage others who might want to buy that day to see what you have to offer.

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