Why Install an Electric Meter?

An electric meter is a device which measures the amount of energy used in your household when it passes through to your house. In most cases it’s installed at the main point where the electricity lines to enter your house. Just like the odometer in your vehicle that shows how many miles your vehicle has covered, the electric meter shows the amount of energy which has been consumed as it’s activated and continues to work constantly without fail. When you use electricity, then you use a certain amount of electric energy, and as you add to that amount, your meter readjustes the meter to indicate the exact amount of energy which has been consumed.



An electric meter can be used to measure not only the energy consumption of your household, but can also measure the kilowatt-hours or KWh your house uses each month. A basic unit of measurement for KWh is one unit of energy per one thousand hours. This means that your meter only needs to be turned on for a single day to attain the desired number of units of energy used in a month. One who represents about one tenth of one horsepower. It’s important to note that a single unit of energy corresponds to one horsepower.


An average American consumes about 8.2 watts per hour. If you multiply this by fifteen hours of usage, you will get the amount of energy used in a single year. If you multiplied this figure by the number of hours you spend on your computer (which is about forty hours a week), or your television, or listening to music, or any other activity for that matter, then you would get a rough estimate of how much energy your household uses. It would be possible to obtain a more accurate estimate by multiplying the estimated number of hours by the total annual energy consumption of your household. For example, if your family uses five hundred hours a week watching TV, then you would estimate that your energy consumption per unit of time was about two thousand hours. You would then need an electrical meter to measure the amount of vampire energy consumption your residence experiences each month.

A simple solar or wind electric meter can easily and inexpensively measure this vampire energy consumption. These types of meters are waterproof and will not have any moving parts. They are also very easy to install and read. In fact, once you receive your electric meter, it will be easy to mount it to your roof or to your wall and it will make no difference whether there is sunlight or not.


The cost of an electric meter will depend on whether you are using a solar meter or a wind meter. A solar meter will generally be more expensive than a wind meter. The cost of a solar meter usually depends on the depth of the sun throughout the day and the amount of collecting dust. There are no moving parts and so they are much less prone to damage.


If you use a wind meter then it will be significantly cheaper to install than a solar meter. The only thing to consider when choosing a wind meter is the availability of sunlight throughout the day. The sun’s rays may shine during the day and at night. During the day, your wind meter will not pick up any energy. However, at night it will. This means that your wind meter will only indicate energy produced but never any energy used, which means that it can actually over calculate the amount of energy you are using.

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