Ways to Reduce Water Consumption

In urban areas across California, water conservation is a growing concern for water providers, developers, and homeowners. Overuse of existing water sources is now seen as a major cause for drought and water shortage problems in many parts of the state.

Conserve Water

The use of recycled water is now seen as an important way on how to conserve water. However, even if the water that would be reused does not come from recycled bottles or tanks, the use of recycled materials for such purposes is still an effective way to conserve water and reduce the amount of water wasted.

Energy Efficiency

Commercial structures contribute to nearly 17 percent of the state’s water consumption, indicating serious potential for these facilities to play a part in helping California meet ambitious 2021 water conservation mandates aimed at reducing water consumption. Several facilities are now utilizing high-efficiency glass, high-tech insulating materials, and other cutting-edge technologies in cooling and heating. Aside from the direct effect on energy consumption, such technological improvements also lower the need for conventional air conditioners and dehumidifiers. In this way, more of the heat and cool air that is released from the building is now effectively distributed throughout the room, significantly lowering the need for artificial air circulation.

Take Advantage of Existing Boilers

These boilers typically have a long operating life span, making them ripe for replacement with newer, more efficient devices that use electricity to function. As such, there are now many modern replacements for boilers found in most hotels and other commercial buildings in California. One such device is the combi boiler, which uses its refrigerant to continuously run the actual heating and cooling systems. In this manner, even less energy is needed to power the system. However, there are still other combi boilers available for those who may prefer them.

Install a Shower Door

The biggest contributors to household water consumption are the water used to bathe and clean the house. While it is true that a hot shower can get someone heated up in minutes, the resulting steam can make the whole room extremely hot and uncomfortable. To combat this, many homeowners have installed a shower door that prevents steam from entering the room. In addition to the cost of installing such doors, it has been noted that over half of all water consumption from a shower goes into the warming-up process. Thus, if you want to further reduce your household water use, consider installing a shower door.

Turn on the Tap

There are several ways on making a home more water-efficient. One of the easiest and most obvious methods in water saving is simply turning on the tap when you think that it’s getting cold outside. Although this is sometimes easier said than done, the resulting reduction in consumption of water can significantly decrease household water use by up to forty percent. For more details on ways of improving your household water usage, you can contact the local government.

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