Programmatic Buying Secrets From the Programmatic Experts

A simple explanation of programmatic advertising would be “The use of computer software to make sales”. Programmatic advertising campaigns are generally a part of the sales process. It allows the salesperson to manage the leads, the emails, the prospect lists, the call-backs, etc.

Programmatic Advertising


This type of advertising can be very effective for network marketers as it is the most efficient way to manage campaigns. With programmatic advertising campaigns, there is no need for you to do any tedious work like copy-writing, emailing, calling or scheduling prospects. You don’t even have to know the results of your marketing campaigns. These programs are programmed to make sales.


However, there are some downsides to programmatic advertising. One major drawback is that there are more opportunities for your potential customers to click on your competitor’s web page, and you can lose money because of clicks that turn into purchases. Another downside is that sometimes exchanges that you set up can result in your losing money. Exchanging your ad spaces with a competitor who has higher traffic than yours can be very profitable. But generally speaking, it’s not as profitable as having a larger opt-in list, and greater control over the messages you send to your leads.

In the programmatic advertising world, there are two different ways to advertise. There are paid opportunities and free opportunities. Free marketing includes content marketing, keyword research, pay per click management and other kinds of marketing that is free of charge. Paid marketing can include such things as search engine optimization, banner advertising, Ezine advertising, paid inclusion, display advertising, video advertising and so forth. The most common way people advertise today is with the help of a network of websites known as contextual advertising. Contextual advertising takes advantage of the fact that the internet is a great place to advertise.


Most sites today have integrated some type of digital marketing into their site. It may be in the form of rich Internet content, video and images, instant messaging, RSS feeds, blog tools and so forth. Contextual advertising makes use of these same platforms in order to draw customers to a site and get them to purchase the services or products being advertised.

Programmatic advertisers have the advantages of controlling their own destiny. Advertisers control where their advertisements are displayed, when they are displayed, how often they are displayed and what kind of content they are displayed with. In many ways, they get to choose which programs work for their business, which methods work best and which are the most cost effective. This is the beauty of programmatic advertising. It gives the publisher the ability to make the final decision of whether the ad inventory will bring in the revenues they want or whether they should pass on the account.

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