Moldavite Crystal

moldavite crystal

Moldavite is a precious gemstone that is also called Uvarovite or Mosvite. Moldavites are found in North Eastern part of Russia, Ural Mountains, Siberia and Europe. This chalcedony is the commonest among all the crystals of this family. It occurs as transparent glass with a faint translucency. Like all the other crystal types, the coloring in moldavite crystal is usually transparent to translucent.


The most beautiful feature of this type of gemstone is the translucency that it displays. It looks as if the image of a thing is really being reflected on the surface. It is very clear to eyes that reflect everything, even small insignificant details like a little finger or a boat. It is due to its unique property to reflect light that makes this beautiful crystal so unique.

Moldavite crystal is the only one amongst all the gemstones that has not undergone any chemical treatment. Its structure is completely unchanged from the time it forms. This means that the crystals formed during millions of years ago are similar to the crystals being produced today. Moreover, no laboratory analysis has been done to determine the chemical makeup of the crystals. Though the periodic table lists six types of minerals that can be used to identify minerals of the same family, yet no test has been able to confirm this claim.


This crystal gemstone is rarer than diamonds and rubies in the market. In addition, it is also one of the hardest substances known to man. It is also durable, so it does not require a lot of maintenance and it does not chip easily.

The color and translucency of the gemstone changes depending upon the temperature at which it is stored. This property of the stone allows for it to be safely kept even at high temperatures. You should store the gemstone either inside a fine piece of cloth or in a cotton pouch. Before storing it, make sure that you have washed it thoroughly with water. Do not use ammonia-based cleaners for cleaning as this could alter the chemical composition of the gemstone. If the crystal should fall on the floor, catch it immediately as it may cause scratches.

Moldavite is now available on many jewelry stores and online shops. However, if you want to buy this gemstone in large quantities, you may need to visit the mines of the Argyle Group in northern Madagascar. It is the only place where you will find this rare and precious form of crystal.

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