how can Social Media Help Electricity Companies?

How Social Media Can Help Electricity Companies Reduce Their Customer Costs

The Electricity Companies must do something about their Carbon emissions and if they do not it is going to be extremely hard for the human race to survive without energy. If you live in the UK you can take part in one of the many renewable energy projects that are now in action in the country. These projects include wind farms, solar farms, hydroelectricity schemes, and bio-gasification. Many of these plans have already been put into action and producing electricity from alternative sources is cheaper and easier than the existing methods. Alternative energy is also a great way to protect the planet from global warming.


Some of the problems with the UK’s energy industry

are that it is based on the old Victorian concept of power stations. This basically means that the electricity companies generate power through a nuclear reaction. The heat created by this reaction is then used to make steam, which turns the turbine. This method of generating electricity is incredibly clean, efficient, and green. The problem is that because nuclear fission is so dangerous it is limited to the UK, meaning that other countries such as Japan and India are now getting all the electricity they need from nuclear power.


A solution to this problem

is to use the distributed generation system. This is when different energy companies pool their resources together to create a more stable power supply. For instance, if you live in the northwest of Scotland and your region is prone to extreme weather, you could have your electricity generated in London and send down to your home. Or you could have the electricity generated at one central plant in the UK, sent down wirelessly to your home. You could also have your power sent to your electrical grid.


However, there are restrictions

on the type of renewable energy sources that can be used. For example, wind farms cannot be installed on top of tall buildings. Also, any renewable energy sources that use a form of fossil fuel are restricted. The limit for solar power plants has always been around the capacity of the panels. With the increase in demand, the increase in the infrastructure needed, and the finite nature of fossil fuels, it would seem sensible to see these limits being broken sooner rather than later.


But this is not the case

There is a good chance that the limits on renewable energy use and the ability to create renewable energy will be broken soon. Many are already using solar power. And with the recent decrease in oil prices, it may just become feasible to generate electricity from green energy sources such as solar. In fact, it may become cheaper to produce this electricity than traditional methods of producing electricity, and power rates will begin to rise. These increased power rates could also force energy companies to increase the amount they are willing to charge.

However, many people do not realize

this and end up paying too much for their electricity. One way that electricity companies use to lessen their customer’s paying, and to keep their customers paying, is by offering incentive schemes. One such scheme is a “green energy” program, where electric companies can offer discounts on their bill if the customer signs up for a certain amount of time. However, with increasing pressure from customers and environmentalists to get rid of the carbon footprint we all have created, and the increase in reliability and lessening environmental harm from nuclear energy and other fossil fuels, customers will start looking for new ways to make their monthly electricity payments more affordable, and social media websites are one of the best places to start.

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