How a Dental Office Helps Dentists and Dental Hygienists Cope

dental office

General trends within the dental profession are leaning more towards the growing presence of DSO’s. A DSO is a Dental Service Organization or the business of several dental offices. The most well known DSO is Heartland Dental, which is located in Omaha, Nebraska. Besides having a staff of dental professionals, a DSO also has other types of dental services such as in-home dental services, laboratory services, and insurance services. Some of the other prominent DSO’s are Aspen Dental, Denver Dental, Heartland Dental Company, and Phoenix Dental.


Many patients find that scheduling an appointment with a dentist is much easier when a Dental Office has several different departments available for use. This allows the patients to have an appointment for a tooth cleaning or dental x-ray even if they are not able to make it to the dental office during their opening hours. Having separate departments also means that a dentist can monitor the progress of patients throughout their appointment rather than waiting for the office to let them know that another appointment already has been made. Patients should keep this in mind if they are using the separate facilities. If the patient knows ahead of time that they will need more time for an appointment then it is much easier for them to leave early enough to make the new appointment without the need to rush back into the dental office.

When patients use separate dental offices for various services, they are less likely to feel rushed upon arriving for their appointment. A crowded dental office can create this kind of stress in patients because many people do not realize that other patients will be waiting behind them. When patients arrive at the same time, they will be able to get a seat right away. Waiting in line could mean even longer waiting period for some patients. Dental chairs that have been specially designed for multiple seating may help prevent this type of problem because multiple patients will find it less daunting to wait in line. This can help prevent a very long wait for those who are in pain and discomfort.


There are several other benefits to dental offices with hygienists on staff. For one thing, there will not be as much of a waiting period when patients need dental work done. In addition, when an hygienist is present on staff, a patient’s teeth will be examined quickly which significantly reduces the amount of time that a patient has to suffer from pain from a painful examination. This can be especially beneficial for children who often get cavity fillings or root canals. These procedures often take a long time to complete.

Many dental offices also provide dental assistants. Dental assistants work closely with dentists and dental hygienists. They perform basic tasks such as taking X-rays, working in the lab, doing paperwork, handling patient calls, and greeting patients. A dental assistant also helps make sure that the office is sanitary. She cleans the chair of patients, wipes tables, and changes gloves.


The benefits of working in a dental office also extend to the patients. Dentists and dental hygienists work closely with patients to ensure that they maintain oral health. When a patient comes to the office for a checkup or treatment, the dental health professional will take patients’ dental history, perform an exam, and take x-rays. In many cases, these procedures are already pre-arranged between the patient and the doctor. By routinely performing these routine procedures, the dentist ensures that the patient maintains good oral health. Hygienists play an important role in ensuring that the patient takes good care of their teeth.

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