Energy Efficient Solutions For Your Home

Energy Efficient Solutions

With the increasing need for energy efficient solutions, there are several home renovation projects that can be made more energy efficient. The most cost-effective and efficient is the solar energy. You do not have to purchase a separate device for using solar energy in your home, but you will need solar panels and other devices. There are many types of these devices.


Radiant Barrier – This is one of the most popular energy efficient solutions today, because it has no negative effect on the environment. It is basically a sheeting which can trap the heat coming from the sun. This heat is then transferred to the room by creating a convection current. This will also help you save electricity since you will not have to use air conditioners. If you are not familiar on how to make a radiant barrier, all you need is a sheet of plywood and some paint.

Insulation – Another popular energy efficient solutions is insulation. When you insulate your rooms, you are able to reduce the amount of money that you have to spend on cooling or heating. If you insulate your attic, you are able to lower the amount of money that you will need to cool or heat your home. In addition, it also helps you save electricity since you will not need to use fans to maintain the heat level in the rooms. All you have to do is to place the insulation in between the framing of your walls.

Ventilation – Most homeowners nowadays try to lower their energy usage. If you are living in an older house, you should check if the ventilation in the attic is working well. This is very important because there are chances that the vents in the attic are not working properly. There are some who argue that poor ventilation can lead to mold growth and other respiratory problems. With a radiant barrier, you are also able to reduce your energy usage.


If you are living in a cold home, installing a thermal foil insulation is also another energy efficient insulation option. The radiant barrier acts as a shield from the heat of the sun. This way, you are able to keep your attic at a cooler temperature. This is also an energy saving product since you are able to prevent your attic from getting hot in the summer and very warm in the winter months. It works by reflecting the heat back into the air instead of letting it sink into the air.

Another energy-efficient solution for your home is the use of LED light bulbs. LED light bulbs are a great alternative to regular light bulbs. By using energy efficient light bulbs, you can definitely save a lot on your electricity costs. One of the most important things that you must do when installing this kind of lighting in your house is to buy light bulbs that use less than 35% of the electricity that regular light bulbs use. To make sure that you get only the best quality lights, you have to make sure that you buy them from reputable dealers. With the right dealer, you will definitely be able to get energy star rated light bulbs so you can be assured that you are spending your money wisely.

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