Dental Marketing

Dental Marketing Ideas That Work

Dental marketing is an important way to bring new patients into your dental practice and keep the old patients returning. Dental marketing involves a variety of strategies including advertising in local newspapers, television, and radio. In addition to these traditional marketing tools, dental marketing strategies include the following: referral marketing, in which dentists recommend their patients to other medical specialists; direct mail marketing, in which dentists provide pre-arranged coupons or mailings to encourage potential customers to schedule an appointment; bulk billing, in which dentists bill individuals directly for services provided; and electronic patient information systems, in which dentists maintain patient details such as names and phone numbers. Each of these marketing strategies is effective in increasing the number of patients who visit a dentist’s clinic.


In addition

to seeking new patients and encouraging them to come to the clinic, dental marketing strategies also include using existing customer relationships to increase awareness of the dental practice. One strategy is providing potential patients with a 24-hour appointment setting answering service. Callers to the clinic will be greeted by a receptionist when they call and then given a number to call to set up an appointment. The receptionist will take the caller’s information and enter it into the clinic’s appointment setting system.


Many dental marketing strategies involve social media.

Dental marketing through social media allows dentists to connect with potential patients in a highly customized way. Dental marketing companies that specialize in social media integration can use Facebook and Twitter to connect with patients on a one-on-one basis and create a viral brand. Dentists may also choose to post video testimonials on their website, YouTube, and social media sites such as Yelp. Both Yelp and Facebook allow dentists to interact with customers while building their brand on a personal level.


One other popular dental marketing strategy

is creating an appointment calendar for patients and their families. A calendar can provide more than just useful information about a patient’s general condition; it can also be used to create daily reminders about their next appointment. This calendar can be presented at clinics around the country and is likely to generate more interest in clinics from patients and their families.


In addition

to marketing through social media, dentists also have many options for increasing awareness of their practice. Many dental marketing companies offer the creation of fliers that feature dentists’ contact information along with clinic hours, website information, or pictures of current and past patients. These fliers can be left in prominent locations, on cars driving down the road, or small pieces of paper can be mailed directly to potential patients.


Some dental marketing ideas focus on attracting new patients.

A dentist may reach out to existing patients by offering discounts on services or promotions of specific services or products. It’s also a good idea to have fliers or posters at places frequented by young children or the elderly. Patients often make sure to go to a dentist when they feel pain or need help. Making sure to capture their attention is important when trying to build a clientele. Clients who see ads that are interesting or that pique their interest will be more likely to make an appointment.

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