contact lenses provide great comfort

Contact Lenses: For Active Lifestyles

While conventional glasses are ideal for those with perfect vision, contact lenses have provided comfort and relief for individuals with either poor or limited vision. However, some individuals do benefit from wearing contact lenses – it really depends upon what your current vision correction needs are. For those seeking to take on a whole new look, the options are staggering. To help you sort through the various options available, there is an easy way to compare your vision correction options: The Optometrist’s Store. The Optometrist’s Store has a wide variety of prescription glasses, as well as contact lens choices and information.


It is essential to keep in mind

that while contact lenses provide great comfort, they also represent an elevated risk of infection. In addition, your eyes may experience irritation, inflammation, dryness, or other uncomfortable symptoms if the contact lenses are not properly cleaned. If these problems persist over time, you may face corneal infection, a condition that requires immediate medical attention. As always, it is crucial to adhere to the manufacturer’s instructions regarding the care and cleaning of your contact lenses. This will ensure that your eyes remain healthy, safe, and comfortable at all times.


Some individuals report that wearing contact lenses

harms their lives. They often feel awkward or unattractive, and they worry that other individuals will notice their condition. For this reason, some individuals with vision impairments avoid the idea of wearing contact lenses. However, research indicates that wearing contacts provides significant benefits to otherwise healthy individuals.


In addition to providing clearer vision than conventional eyeglasses

wearing contact lenses provides a more natural-looking appearance. Contacts are designed to look and feel like normal glasses. Individuals who are used to wearing glasses or contact lenses may find the new arrangement uncomfortable for several weeks. During this time, the wearer can develop a preference for eyelid surgery to improve the appearance of their eyes. In fact, many patients report that the comfort level increases considerably once they have had their first eye exam. However, even with continued use of corrective eyeglasses, most people report little to no discomfort when wearing contacts.


Wearing contact lenses provides another benefit

to those who lead busy, active lifestyles. The extended time during which contact lenses are worn reduces the need to wear eyeglasses or contact lenses day-to-day. Individuals who spend a great deal of time working on a computer or doing outdoor activities may benefit from wearing eyeglasses or contact lenses for the majority of the daylight hours, but they may still require regular lens maintenance. However, researchers have found that the majority of individuals can wear contacts for at least six months without any reduction in visual clarity, as long as they follow proper lens care procedures.


As previously mentioned

contact lenses are an excellent choice for those who lead busy, active lives. However, many individuals are not comfortable with the idea of wearing contacts all day long. This can be attributed, in part, to individuals being unsure whether the visual improvements provided by contacts would be effective or not. To address this concern, research has found that some types of contact lenses actually increase a person’s ability to see. In fact, some types of contact lenses have been found to make seeing more natural, especially when sunlight is available.

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