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Construction Project Management Software Terminology You Need to Know

In short, construction project management encompasses all the different aspects of planning, organizing, executing, and finishing a construction project. However when you speak of managing a construction project as opposed to other kinds of jobs, the main difference is primarily that construction is project-based instead of task-based. This article will discuss some of the main elements involved with this kind of management, as well as provide a brief introduction to what each encompasses.


To begin, it is important to understand what is meant by task-based versus project-based construction. Typically, most building codes include a checklist of basic things that must be done before a construction project can move forward. However, once the project has begun, the only thing on the checklist is the list of what must be done by the end of the work day, which is typically several days or even weeks. While the actual paperwork involved in such tasks as obtaining permits and contracts may not need to be managed by the project manager, it does make sense for them to be aware of them and get them in order as part of their job responsibilities.

As a matter of fact, planning is perhaps the most important aspect of an efficient construction project manager. Planning is any number of things, including such things as hiring a contractor, finding a site that meets all legal requirements, determining what kinds of materials are required, and determining the safety and health hazards that are likely to be present. A construction project manager must also take into consideration any environmental issues or concerns that may affect the project. This is why planning is usually the first part of a manager’s job description. A construction project manager must make sure that everything is planned out, down to the last detail.


Similarly, a construction management job description will also contain words like supervise and manage. Construction managers usually oversee a large team of employees who perform various duties under them. One of the duties of these employees is to oversee the entire construction project, ensuring that every element is done correctly and on time. Construction project managers usually supervise and manage a team of people, each one of which is responsible for a specific section of the project.

Another important term in construction project management software is project manager. Just as the previous term indicates, a project manager is responsible for overseeing the entirety of a project. He may delegate certain tasks to his lieutenants, but in the end, all of his efforts are aimed at making sure that each section of the project is completed on time and within budget. As is the case with planning, a project manager must make sure that everyone involved in the project is on the same page.


Finally, another important term in construction project management software is risk manager. A risk manager is responsible for managing any type of unforeseen events that may occur during or after construction is complete. For example, if there is a terrible weather incident during the project, then this would greatly affect the completion date of the project. In order to ensure that no matter what unexpected events occur, a project is still completed on time and within budget, construction project managers must always remain on top of the project. They are the ones who know the most about how to best handle such situations, and they are also familiar with all of the best practices and guidelines for handling construction projects in general.

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