Construction Cost Estimating Software

Construction Cost Estimating Software

Construction Cost Estimating Software is an interactive computer application developed to help contractors and other building managers calculate their construction costs. The software contains user-friendly tools that help builders estimate various aspects of their projects including materials, labor, overhead, etc. Using the appropriate software will help you control and plan your future projects and ensure lower total cost. The tools and features available in the construction costing software vary depending on the edition chosen. Below are several tools and features of each version:


Construction Cost Estimating Software has a project calendar that shows estimated time needed to complete the project and associated costs (including labor and material). It allows the user to select relevant dates for each stage of the project and allows for easy tracking of materials and labor. Project status and notes on current project status can be viewed in the Planning tab. Furthermore, the software calculates labor and material costs and estimates overhead charges.

The Construction Cost Estimating Software project calendar displays the estimated number of days it will take to finish the project. This feature alerts you when you need to add any materials to the schedule, or reschedule any tasks. The software enables you to plan and manage projects from multiple locations. You can also track material purchases and material deliveries. Built-in survey links allow you to determine material costs with a simple click of the mouse.


Construction Cost Estimator users can enter accurate values for rates for all materials, labor, and overhead for their projects. The software has a comprehensive library of estimators that include both experienced and inexperienced labor. The program calculates rates for quantity as well as rate per each job. Furthermore, the software provides estimators for general project tasks like site investigation and permits administration.

Construction Cost Estimating Software contains a database of hundreds of vendors. Through this database, the software identifies vendors that meet your projected project needs. The vendor relationship management software has a detailed sales package with detailed project profiles. Users can identify vendors that specialize in certain types of construction projects. Through this software, project managers eliminate the guesswork and can plan projects successfully.

Construction Cost Estimating Software is designed to help project managers to cut costs by increasing project efficiency. The software is a comprehensive and easy-to-use package that meets the needs of any project manager. Through this software, project managers can reduce cost and improve productivity. Construction Cost Estimating Software is a simple and easy tool for reducing costs in your construction projects.

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